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Guidelines for a stronger more resilient North Queensland

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:25 pm
by greenbuild
Planning for a stronger more resilient North Queensland
Produced by Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Guideline Rebuilding in storm tide prone areas: Tully Heads and Hull Heads, Part 1.
The main objectives of the Guideline are to:
• Improve the resilience of residential dwellings to the impact of a storm tide event predominantly caused by a tropical cyclone
• Assist in safeguarding property in a storm tide
• Improve the broader long term sustainability of dwellings and their local context.

Guideline Wind Resistant Housing, Part 2.
This guideline, like Part 1, has been developed to support better rebuilding and repair of homes as a result of damage caused by Cyclone Yasi, which crossed the Queensland coastline on 3 February 2011. This guideline is intended to:
• advise you as a home owner of key issues associated with rebuilding, repairing and maintaining your home as you reside in an area prone to severe wind conditions associated with tropical cyclones and storms
• provide guidance to assist in ensuring design outcomes are compatible with the tropical climate, the character of the area and the needs of the residents
• outline the approvals process including building certification.