Innovation House Townsville

The TGBN is supporting the development of Affordable Sustainable Tropical Homes that show the community best practice examples. See the document deposit relating to this area.

Innovation House Townsville

Postby greenbuild » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:09 am

Innovation House is learning, testing, 'myth busting', and changing the way we live and design houses in the tropics.
The mission is to trial, test, learn and change the way we as builders and as home owners build homes in the tropics.
This year Finlay Homes are on a quest to discover, what makes a sustainable home sustainable?

Tired of the multiple questions surrounding sustainability with no solid answers, we’ve decided to find the answers ourselves! This year we are building a brand new display home jam packed with as many energy saving, green options and ideas we can find. The home will be open for you to visit, explore and...See More

See all of these links to find out more: ... ownsville/ ... ion-house/
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Innovation House Townsville
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