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KISSS Irrigation

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The IWT KISSS technology is winning plaudits world-wide as it is deployed to save water, irrigate more effectively, and to deliver a range of benefits that go way beyond conventional irrigation systems. KISSS is a new generation sub-surface textile irrigation system that provides greater control over root- zone conditions
KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation represents a milestone in green technology. It is the only irrigation system designed for use underground and is the world's most advanced irrigation system. Developed through years of research with leading Australian Universities and the CSIRO, KISSS delivers water direct to the root zone at a rate the matches the soil capillary action. The unique, patented design significantly reduces the amount of water needed, making KISSS irrigation perfect for drought conditions or businesses that want to save money while conserving water.

KISSS is proven to develop stronger roots, reduce plant-to-plant variation (ie enhances uniformity), reduce water logging and drainage losses, and to minimise soil salinity levels.

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1-5 Kern St Gordonvale QLD 4865
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07 40565555
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07 40565526
54 Charles St Aitkenvale QLD 4814
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(07) 4779 1172
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(07) 4056 5526

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RPM Enviro

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RPM Enviro
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RPM Enviro
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58 304 211 030
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Arnold Roos
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07 40565555
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07 40565526

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