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BlueScope Water Tanks

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AQUAPLATE® steel tanks, with the iconic corrugated profile, are stylish, durable and will not burn. With more than 20 years of proven operation in Australian conditions, they are a trusted performer.

The strong Australian sunlight will not soften or degrade them and as light cannot penetrate their exterior shell, water quality is optimised with reduced algae growth. WATERPOINT® tanks are made from food-grade approved polymer coated AQUAPLATE® steel complying with tough Australian Standards. Tanks made from AQUAPLATE® steel are environmentally responsible, as steel is one of the most recycled materials on Earth and can be recycled even after many years of use.

The THINKTANK® rainwater harvesting system offers the complete solution. It comprises of a rainwater tank, a pump, first flush diversion, filtration, mains water back up and wall mounted utility cabinet to conceal these accessories. This system will ensure a continuous supply of water, even during periods of low rainfall and loss of power supply.

Pioneer Water Tanks® are from 6 m3 up to 2,660 m3. All the tanks have the necessary structural engineering to suit rural/domestic and commercial uses and depending on the clients’ needs our Galaxy® water tanks can be designed to suit earthquake zones, cyclonic regions, heavy industrial or highly specialised environments.

Our expert team can assist with advice and manage the process to deliver a functional system to meet your unique requirements.

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27-29 Redden street Portsmith QLD 4870
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07 4036 6433
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0438 626 462
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07 4036 6444

Cairns: Dobbs Plumbing

32 Starboard Street Trinity Beach QLD 4870
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Brett Dobbs
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Phone :
4036 6433
Mobile :
0433 423 658

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BlueScope Water Tanks

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BlueScope Water Tanks
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BlueScope Water Tanks
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Nick Skutenko
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07 4036 6433
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07 4036 6444
Contact SMS :
0438 626 462

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Green Credentials

BlueScope Water is the leading supplier of steel rainwater tanks in Australia, with retail and service locations throughout North Queensland. Rainwater tanks are a critical component of regional and rural water management, keeping more water in dam storages and helping to better manage stormwater.

Rainwater is generally considered to be safe and ideal for washing clothes, flushing toilets and washing cars. It consumes much less energy and generates less greenhouse gases than recycled or desalinated water, as it simply falls into the tank, it does not usually require treatment and small pumps are used only when the water is required. By capturing rainwater that falls on a roof , as a guide it is possible to harvest 2, 200 litres for every inch (25mm) of rainfall that falls on a 93 sqm roof area.

Rainwater harvesting can present significant benefits for builders land developers, providing a reduction in stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces. The reduced stormwater runoff can result in benefits such as:
*Reduced stormwater pipe quantities leading to reduced infrastructure costs
*Increased lot yield via a reduced need for constructed wetlands or ponds
*Reduced maintenance of stormwater infrastructure
*Reduced erosion through a reduction of in-stream flow in peak rainfall periods
*Reduced flooding risks

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