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Foil insulation at its best - REFLECTA-GUARD™

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Reflecta-Guard™ reflective foil insulation is our Premium Product, providing the best R-values amongst the Green Insulation™ product range. 12.0mm thick, Reflecta-Guard™ is a favourite for luxury homes, and workplaces needing superior comfort and protection from noise (e.g rain, road or aircraft noise).

Reflecta-Guard® has a heat laminated, air bubble core and as well as being an exceptional barrier against conductive heat, humidity, water and vapour penetration it also:

• reflects up to 97% of radiant heat
• is compliant to use as a FALL-ARREST
• has anti-slip properties making it safer for installers
• is environmentally/eco friendly and fibre-free

Reflecta-Guard® is able to be ordered in CUSTOM ROLL LENGTHS

Green Insulation™ is proud to be Australian owned, Australian manufacturing for Australian conditions.

Our unique patented polymer coating on the outside aluminium foil ensures our products don’t suffer diminishing performance from deteriorating and we give a 15 year manufacturer's guarantee.

Reflecta-Guard® has a real tough double scrim to ensure integrity right through construction. As well as acting as a fall arrest and an acoustic barrier there is a real saving in labour and resources.

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Green Insulation Pty. Ltd.

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Green Insulation Pty. Ltd.
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Green Insulation Pty. Ltd.
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28 131 251 459
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Mike Parry
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07 3200 6522
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07 3200 6599
Contact SMS :
0490 402 581

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Green Credentials

Ecospecifier: global leader of sustainable development & life-cycle assessed green products.

Reflective foil insulation uses less power to manufacture than most other forms of insulation.

Traditionally, 20% of our product has been made from recycled materials with the aim of substantially “greening” this figure.

Wider rolls and having the ability to custom manufacture roll lengths to the customers’ needs saves labour and waste.

No harmful, irritating fibres. Not just for the workers who have to install it, what about the generations who have to live with it?

Green Insulation is currently being Assessed for their Ecospecifier GreenTags.

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